Immersion day

Immersion Day


A day spent doing social and cultural activites with native English speakers. A great chance to practice your English in a relaxed environment and meet new people.


The philosophy behind the Immersion Day

The quickest way by far to learn and improve your language skills is to be in a place where you have no choice but to speak that language. In the case of English, a stay in Britain, Australia, or the USA is a fantastic way to learn. However for a lot of people it's just not practical due to financial, work and/or family commitments. For this reason we organise oImmersion day. Submerse yourself in Englishur 'Immersion Days' here in Palma de Mallorca, so you can practice your English all day, with native speakers, without having to leave the country!



The Day

Each day is different and is full of learning experiences and fun activities. The native speakers are of all ages and are from various parts of the World, so you get a variety of different accents. They are not professional teachers and volunteer to help in these events.

We start around 10 am and finish by 2 pm



Price: 20 euros

What's included:

  • Half a day, 4 hours of activities in the company of native speakers and a professional English teacher
  • Lots of chances to practice your English
  • Tea, coffee and snack in the morning
  • All materials used throughout the day



Come and submerse yourself in English!



Immersion Day in two minuts







Temple Natura    



Come In llibreria anglesa





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